Snooki Willingly Puts Cat Litter On Her Dorito-Colored Face

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s second book (she’s already written a third) hit shelves and the New York Times Bestseller list on October 25th, and it is just full of informative tidbits that will intrigue you and/or prolong your life.

First of all Confessions of a Guidette, reveals that the tiny tiny carrot-skinned queen of the Jersey Shore puts wet cat litter on her face in times of need. “If I can’t get to a spa, I’ll put kitty litter on my face.”

Also, she lists jellybeans and spiders as two of the seven things she hates the most and she’s an expert on electronic music. She writes, “If a guidette calls house techno, you’re a wannabe, get real, you know nothing.”

Other facts? She doesn’t leave the house without her trusty vibrator AND even though she willingly spreads grainy cat sand all over her cheekbones, she would never go anywhere without her fake eyelashes.

“A guidette and her eyelashes are like a dog and its tail…I lost my eyelashes in the Pacific Ocean jet skiing, and I seriously wanted to go on a rescue mission. In the ocean. I have issues.”

[Random fact: On a recent airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live! America learned that Snooki has no idea who J.K. Rowling and Maya Angelou are]

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