Taylor Swift’s Legal Team Angered By Fake Nude Photo

Taylor Swift’s legal team reportedly sent a letter to the website Celebrity Jihad (they specialize in nude photos and sex scene footage) over a photo that the site claimed was a topless Taylor Swift.

Swift and her legal team are prepared to sue if the picture is not removed. The photo is obviously a fake, it’s merely a girl with curly blonde hair who resembles Taylor, but lacks her angular facial shape. (And dignity)

I’m sure they’re just pissed that anyone would even slander Taylor Swift’s name by claiming she would ever even pose for a nude pic or take one of herself casually smiling and exposing her miniature firearms as if it were part of her daily routine.

I just have to question the point of it all. Why be angry over fake naked photos? Back in the day (and still) people thrived off of Photoshopping celebrity bodies.

I remember when I was 14, I saw a picture of Eminem porking Britney Spears from behind, did I think it was real? No. And this isn’t real either, anyone who thinks it is is blinder than my dead Swedish relatives.

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