Pregnant Woman Jailed For Accidental Sandwich Thievery

A 28 year-old woman, Nicole Leszczynski and and her husband were arrested on Monday in Honolulu for accidentally walking out of a grocery store without paying for two sandwiches that were worth a total of five dollars.

The ridiculousness doesn’t stop there, not only were Nicole Leszczynski and her husband Marcin (a former Air Force sergeant) apprehended after they paid for $50 worth of groceries but their daughter was taken away by Child Welfare Services!

Yes, a very pregnant Nicole Leszczynski walked around the store shopping and simultaneously eating a chicken sandwich. The couple were approached by security, brought to a separate room and then taken to jail.

This all happened at a routine-grocery run to Safeway, just after the Leszczynskis had moved with their two year-old daughter, Zofia, from California, two weeks earlier.

The pair even attempted to pay for the food but were denied a chance and  read their rights by a police officer after four hours in a secluded Hawaiian Safeway office.

Their daughter spent the entire night away from them apparently because it’s procedure for CWS to arrive when both parents are arrested. Nicole Leszczynski called it “horrifying” and “the most ridiculous chain of events.”

4 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Jailed For Accidental Sandwich Thievery

  1. This lady was like the witches in Salem, the coorperation’s always want to take down the little people and the town people took down witches.


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