Two Of The Fakest People Ever, In The Same Room

And, since we all know that the fakest people in the world all congregate in either L.A. or Vegas it would only make sense that I would be talking about the least money-grubbing of Hef’s former girlfriends, Holly Madison, and Carrot Top. Self-explanatory.

These two wax-figures hung out at the MGM Grand attraction, CSI: The Experience, where visitors collect fake clues and analyze them to determine how good or bad they’d be as a fake crime scene investigator.

Madison and Mr. Top were invited for the second anniversary of the modern television-based museum in Vegas to test out their abilities (they’re probably about as good as David Caruso) and to donate money to charity.

Hilariously, Carrot Top chose to give to his ging minge bro, Ronald McDonald House Charities. So, whose body and face is more fake? Holly M. or freckle balls McCurlyTop?

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