Olsen Twins *Bleck* Cover Vogue’s ‘Best Dressed’

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen grace the cover of Vogue’s best dressed special edition. Mark Holgate, Vogue Fashion News Director and editor of this particular issue called the decision to label them the most stylish sisters a “no brainer.”

Well, Mark Holgate, I don’t agree. Besides, there are no other celebrity sisters besides the Kardashians, who I happen to like better since they don’t take themselves seriously.

This cover is borderline incest-y AND missing the third and newly relevant younger Olsen sis, Elizabeth, who has filmed six movies within two years. By way of common sense, you have to figure that at least two of those movies are going to be legitimate.

…That’s more than these other two Olsen’s can brag about, New York Minute was hardly The Devil Wears Prada. AND as for style, I wouldn’t know much about it. They don’t seem to take risks, which is the biggest problem with their entire collective careers.

Elizabeth Olsen has the jump on you, MK and A, she’s already appearing nude in the creeptastic Oscar-contender Martha Marcy May Marlene. She even described Kate Winslet as an nudity inspiration:

“You know, I remember seeing Holy Smoke, Jane Campion’s film with Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel, where I was like, ‘Yeah, Kate Winslet.’ Her nudity made the story so much creepier.”

Yawn. Snooze. Snore. #OlsenBoycott

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