Connie Britton Delicately Eat Brains On ‘American Horror Story’

On Tuesday’s episode six of FX’s American Horror Story, Vivien Harmon (Britton) ate a brain for dinner. Ryan Murphy went all Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom without the campy humor. It was a very serious moment.

Yes, after a long day of bustling Julie off to school and consoling her husband, the Friday Night Lights coach, Tami Taylor likes to sit down and relax with a tantalizing bowl of brains.

That wiley red-headed maid set the dish in front of a pregnant Ms. Harmon, and she ate it, raw, with a little pepper and a vague look of curiosity. Supposedly, this dish is good for women who are with child, so I suggest Beyonce try it, on Kanye.

This show is quickly going down the drain. There’s more dead than living, a new murder or three in each new episode plus a blatant disregard for story.

No matter, because I can’t stop watching, but am I supposed to believe that is seemingly sensible character would eat a raw brain as if it were a gourmet casserole? Is this a Hannibal homage?

What do you think?

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