New Pigment Surgery Lasers Away Brown Eyes

Yes Hitler’s dream of a blue-eyed nation is finally becoming a possibility, with a new surgery called “Lumineyes,” developed by Gregg Homer of California, you can look like Steve Sanders, Ellen DeGeneres or your pet Siamese cat.

In a few years you’ll be able to surgically alter your eye color, from brown to blue. The procedure costs $5,000 and took 10 years for Homer to perfect. Here’s how it works:

A computer scans your eye and uses a laser to “disrupt” (erase) the brown part of your iris. Since there is blue pigment in everyone’s eye, the laser looks to remove the top layer of melanin.

After the iris is disrupted, your eye naturally removes the brown pigment thus revealing beautiful German/Scandinavian/conformist eyeballs after a few weeks pass.

Homer perfected this technique (the laser process takes under 30 seconds) on cadavers, animals and human volunteers in Mexico and is expected to be available outside of America in around 18 months, though it will surely take longer in the states. So far it doesn’t work on any other color combinations.

2 thoughts on “New Pigment Surgery Lasers Away Brown Eyes

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