Occupy Portland Movement Inhabit SW Main Street (They’re With Stupid)

I desperately wanted to argue with members of the Occupy Portland movement early this morning on Facebook, but since they’re more stubborn than me and completely full of optimistic ignorance, I let it go. Here’s the deal, a bold group of 20 year-olds set up tents in two downtown Portland parks in honor of the Occupy Wall Street protests, which, let’s keep in mind, were inspired by the revolt in Libya.

How America could be perceived as even remotely as tortured as Libya is beyond me. How people could start a protest in honor of that seems even more heinous. Anyway, I was never against these people until today, I believe their intentions are good. But while they may be trying to bring awareness to important issues, that attention recently became completely negative.

The tents were downtown since October, Sam Adams ordered them to leave by midnight an “eviction” notice. Completely reasonable request considering sanitation issues and the fact that all of downtown smelled like Woodstock. Here’s my beef with this crap…

At midnight, the occupiers poured champagne and started dancing in a makeshift mosh circle, then the police did nothing, and they chanted “we called your bluff.” THEN after several hours, they moved into the street and a man on a loudspeaker who represented the police bureau asked them to leave the street. A perfectly reasonable request, since they were blocking traffic and screaming with their fists in the air.

A police officer was even injured (it was minor) by protestors, a bottle or firework to the leg. At that point none of these OP youths had been injured or even arrested yet their Facebook feed said things like “The Police look scary! The protestors are peaceful.” The News interviewed three of the more intelligent participants, who only made less and less sense as the morning went on.

Even after the police asked them to get out of the road, they intentionally moved into the street claiming that it was their right. The real kicker here is that all I really wanted was to watch Saturday Night Live and this nonsense was considered “breaking news,” thus interrupting Emma Stone’s entire second appearance on the show.

I wanted to laugh and instead I found myself stewing in front of the tv, angered and wishing people would grow the fuck up. Here they were, yelling at the Portland Police, demanding that the government change their twisted ways? Seriously? You expect the police to pat you on the back and say, “okay we give up, no more taxes for you for the rest of your life, and we’ll pay your student loans and give you free health care?”

These idiots even went so far as to compare themselves to the Civil Rights Movement, which is wrong on so many levels. The problem with the Occupy movement is they’re all protesting different things, all they can come up with is “We are the 99%.” In Wall Street, they cite bailouts, health care, and education yet there’s a gentleman with a “legalize marijuana” sign. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. God bless you, for thinking you can change things.

You’re the same people who blindly bought screen prints of Obama’s face emblazoned with the word “hope” in red and blue. Now you’re angry that he didn’t deliver. Maybe when you’re older and wiser you’ll realize that you can’t change the country by screaming and being disorganized. Crowding passing cars and mounted police didn’t make the town look inviting either. Please, go home and take a shower.

P.S: You killed the grass in the park. I wish they’d teargassed you.

6 thoughts on “Occupy Portland Movement Inhabit SW Main Street (They’re With Stupid)

  1. At least we are making a difference? What do you contribute? Just sitting on your ass with opinions, I live in Salk Lake, and our movement is great. Keep up the work Portland, and the rest of us!


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