Mickey Rourke Is Too Manly (Or Confused) For Pants

Mickey Rourke has got to be the biggest enigma in Hollywood. He really couldn’t give two shits about what anybody thinks about him. I admire that in a person, but it can also be scary and unpredictable. In this case it’s just cute and surreal.

So, he came out of an L.A. restaurant during the day wearing a shirt a hat a jacket and shoes but was sans pants. However, his white and surprisingly stylish non-tighty whitey underwear was visible.

Then, while being followed and filmed by the paparazzi, he changed into pants behind his car door, smiling all the while. And now in more badass Mickey Rourke news, I’d like to direct you to this interview he did on AOTS, while promoting Immortals.

Instead of blowing the female co-hosts a kiss, he spits on his hand. He can’t sit still, complains about the studio laughter and having to work too much, and keeps looking at Candace Bailey’s butt. (WATCH IT OR ELSE)

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