Jennifer Lopez Went Cray Cray At The AMAs

I think J-Lo figured thar since Lady Gaga wasn’t at the American Music Awards, she had to fill her shoes and inject her performance with random, loud and memorably over-the-top puzzle pieces to make up her medley of “Papi” and “On The Floor.”

First she sang a tiny bit of the ballad “Until It Beats No More,” tricking the audience into thinking she was going to cry, then poof, her clothes flew off. Covered in nothing but dangling flesh-covered strings, J-Lo serenaded us with her biggest hits of 2011.

The problem was, it was a mess and didn’t live up to the showmanship of a Lady Gaga performance. She drove in a parked onstage Fiat with a green screen, danced with a cane and did the worm. AND she barely escaped being sodomized by Pitbull.

The only thing missing was Jennifer stabbing a Marc Anthony voodoo doll with either her nails or heels. But how you put a needle into a needle?

[P.S. “cray cray” stands for crazy. Get with it]

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