Katy Perry Set To Host SNL

Yesterday afternoon Katy Perry took to her Twitter account to let us know that she will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 10th with her California Dreams touring partner, Robyn, as the musical guest.

We all know Katy Perry is cartoonish and at times she does a great impression of herself, but can she pull of SNL? Who knows. It’s sort of 50/50, but in the past when “musicians” have come on the show, it’s been pretty great. Such as Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Honestly at this point in her career, I’d rather see Katy host than sing, especially since I know she’ll be serenading America with “The One That Got Away.” Zzz.

I’m also thrilled that Robyn is having a resurge of popularity. It seems there is no end to her Body Talk momentum. If only they’d invite Metric on, I could say my life was completely fulfilled.
 [In other Katy Perry news. She got a new tattoo, check it out]

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