Is Pickle Juice The New Gatorade?

For athletes, Pickle Juice Sport in particular may very well be the next Gatorade. Its founder Brandon Brooks provides over 20 teams and over 100 pro athletes with his product which has seen a sales increase of 54% since just last year.

It’s not hard to imagine a bigger company buying him out, since Brooks is having trouble producing enough to sell it at mass retail grocery outlets. Brigham Young University found in a study on people who worked out until they were cramped-up and partially dehydrated felt relief in just 85 seconds, which is double the time it usually takes with other sports drinks or water.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers nutritionist, Kevin Luhrs says, “Pickle juice is a natural source of sodium as well as other electrolytes, sodium is a component of sweat. The rationale is that sodium from the pickle juice helps replace sodium losses from sweat and even helps retain water in the body.”

Perfect for hot weather, with 30 times the electrolytes of Powerade and 15 times that of Gatorade. Apparently coconut water is also quite helpful for dehydrated athletes.

3 thoughts on “Is Pickle Juice The New Gatorade?

  1. As a pickle juice fanatic/ swimmer, I bought some of this shit awhile back. It tastes like salt water that is somehow void of all the delicious briney goodness you’d expect from pickle juice. I lasted one gulp.

    Bob’s Pickle Pops however, rule.


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