I Know What I Want For Christmas…

Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry Barbie Dolls! Look at them, they’re so lifelike. It this were Toy Story, they’d surely come to life and sing me a Glee-worthy mashup called “I Kissed A Bass.” They’re a little confusing though I see they’ve gone California Perry and “classy” Minaj. Sinister.

Nicki told reporters at the Billboard Women in Music event in NY on Friday, “It’s just a one of a kind, limited edition for charity, and so I never thought Mattel would even pay attention to me, for me this is a very major moment, because it just shows that you can come from nothing and still be a force in the main world, a business woman, and hopefully a mogul one day.” 

The dolls will be available via auction until December 19, with proceeds going to the Project Angel Food organization, which sadly is not a charity dedicated to bringing angel food cake items to my house.

The bidding only starts at $1000, why not ask my friends and family for this? It’s a perfectly reasonable request. Oh, and is it just me or did they go a little conservative on the skin tone? Mattel must think of Nicki Minaj as a tanned or potentially hispanic San Fernando Valley native. And they gave Katy Perry a double mastectomy.

What do you think?

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