H&M Confirms Usage Of CGI Model Bodies

The clothing store/label H&M has admitted that the models displayed on their website are computer-generated from the neck down. This after a Norwegian blog noticed something strange about the images. A PR rep for the company said,

It’s not a real body, it is completely virtual and made ​​the computer. We take pictures of the clothes on a doll that stands in the shop, and then create the human appearance with a program on your computer…It’s not about ideals or to show off a perfect body, we are doing this to show off the garments. This is done for all garments, not just underwear. It applies to both women’s and men’s clothing.”

That sounds like way too much work, for something that’s supposed to be a simple solution, thogh it does make sense. Models are prima donnas and they all have different bodies, what a pain in the ass. Why not just photoshop their heads onto perfectly boring CGI necks? This will probably become a common practice for clothing websites.


2 thoughts on “H&M Confirms Usage Of CGI Model Bodies

  1. It was completely obvious, all the ‘women’ have exactly the same body which for a marketing ploy claiming to be all about the underwear fails because the use of realistic looking models means that unless people get used to it, the uniform body actually stands out rather than coming second to the garments. If what they say is true they should have just used mannequins or some other type of form/image. This way they say it’s not about the body, perfect image etc and then use what they push as the ‘ideal figure’. Plus – aren’t they just saying they don’t need/want models anymore, technology putting people out of jobs.


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