Real-Life Mario Karts, By West Coast Customs

Too many things to ask for as a Christmas present. First I wanted a white Nicki Minaj barbie, then a Shakira Live In Paris concert DVD, now I know for sure that I actually want a life-sized Mario Kart.

There are actually two, one modeled after Luigi’s bee car and one after Mario’s more traditional kart. Of course I want Mario’s, Luigi was never anyone’s first choice. These working models were built by West Coast Customs, displayed at the LA Auto Show in late November.

They were built to promote Mario Kart 7, for Nintendo 3DS in only 30 days, and can travel up to 40 miles an hour. They’re not street legal, but neither am I so I hardly care. Being 26 with only a learner’s permit has it advantages. I’m clearly saving the world.

In February, someone is going to try to steal these cars away from me, because of that wretched corporation Gamestop, who are hosting a contest called the “Epic Reward Giveaway entry.” You have to trade or purchase something, and then they enter you to win.

Then later, to torture me more, Inside West Coast Customs will air an episode that centers around these Karts and how they were made.

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