Jersey Shore Season 5 Is Approaching

Jersey Shore wasn’t the same in Italy last season, plus it broke the number two rule of television…DON’T CHANGE THE LOCATION OF YOUR SHOW. That’s also directed at Weeds executives, who made the mistake of burning down Mary Louise Parker’s home in Agrestic, CA and moving to a bunch of weepy locations that made the actual viewer feel out of place.

If you were wondering what the number one rule of television was, it’s DON’T CHANGE THE CHARACTERS ON YOUR SHOW. As in, don’t cut them off the show OR replace them with other actors. In the case of Jersey Shore, cutting out Angelina wasn’t such a bad thing because we saw lovable “meatball” Deena, in her place. But everyone knows reality show rules are slightly different.

Season five of Jersey Shore actually premieres January 5th, 2012 on MTV. Looks like Snooki is still mad at Mike (she’s tossing milk at him, and calling him Popeye) and everyone else is back to their normal venereal ways. Plus, more broken rules, with the gut-wrenching departure of Vinny.

What do you think?

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