Lady Gaga Brings The Booty Ballet To Ellen

One of the things I love about Lady Gaga is her loyalty. Loyalty to certain talk shows, and New York, as in, god I hope she never moves to Los Angeles and loses her nightclubby stage art, pizza grease soul. Gaga also seems to have sworn allegiance to Ellen DeGeneres, which means she brought her already tired single, “Marry The Night,” to the show.

For her next album, I suggest she write songs called “Divorce The Night,” “Poke His Face,” “Good Romance” and “Nobody Is Born Quite Like This.” Also “Alexandra,” and “I Like It Soft.” Alright I’ll stop stinking up the place with my opposite-day style puns, just shut up and watch the damn ballet… 

 The Tramp Lady Queen of Balls also sat down and expressed interest in starring in a Woody Allen movie and explained that she had to consume more alcohol than Russia and Jersey combined, in order to sign her outrageous tax returns.

What do you think?

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