You Can Now Watch YouTube Videos From Your Xbox!

It’s official, with the new Xbox Live dashboard update, you can watch YouTube videos with a new app. They also added iHeartRadio. (Nothing else caught my attention)

Yes, apps on Xbox. I seem to remember a time when the word “app” only applied to mobile devices. Then it spread to iPads, plasma TVs and Xbox, though I’m aware the word is just short for “application,” there’s some strange separatism going on there.

Anyway, it’s still in its early stages, so it doesn’t work very well. There’s no category for music videos yet and they’ve censored the hell out of it. I had to wait five minutes just for it to sift through content due to its many restrictions. The Rihanna and Lady Gaga channels wouldn’t load.

…I think they’re too full of blasphemous content. Like, thigh-exposure, or effeminate shirtless men with feathers glued to their tights? I dunno what they classify as adult.

I had a playlist of favorite videos on my YouTube account and the Xbox said like 15 of 27 were too filthy. (At least it works with the Kinect that I don’t own) Enough about my secret porn collection.

I’m stoked about this feature, I know PS3 had it long before, but that thing is dusty and I only use it for Blu-Ray viewing and Uncharted/God Of War/Infamous. Go turn your Xbox on and check it out. You’ll probably spend an hour trying to make it work, but it’s sorta not really worth it.

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