Cutest Intruder EVER, Baby Seal Enters New Zealand Home

Last week a woman in New Zealand experienced the break-in of a lifetime, and not because all her worldly possessions were stolen or because anyone attempted to harm her but because a baby seal snuck in through her cat door and took a nap on her couch.

Annette Swoffer heard a loud noise in her bayfront home and wandered downstairs to find the sea creature in her kitchen, “I thought ‘I’m hallucinating, this is just wrong,'” Swoffer told the NZ Herald, “Then it looks at me with those huge brown eyes. It was so cute, but I didn’t touch it because you don’t with wild animals.”

She immediately called the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) who in turn called the Department of Conservation who came and took the pup to its proper habitat. “They were giggling away and I’m saying, ‘I’m not drunk, I’m not lying,’ there’s a seal in my house.”

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