Lana Del Rey, Scheduled As Musical Guest On SNL

Lana Del Rey, whose singles “Video Games” and “Born To Die” have wooed millions of music fans who are still mourning the death of Amy Winehouse, Laura Marling’s decline and the lack of a third Adele CD, is set to appear on Saturday Night Live January 14, 2012 with Daniel Radcliffe.

This is news for one because a large chunk of the average American population has no idea who she is and because as far as I can tell, she’s the first artist to be asked on the show whose album has yet to be released. (Born To Die is set to drop Jan. 31)

I’ve seen her live performance videos and let me just say, she is one of a select few who could capitate mass groups of people with just her voice. Music is only a backdrop. It’s not even range that makes her special, it’s the quality of her voice, and that she sings with ingenuity and even pain.

I just wish people would stop saying that her fame has everything to do with her looks.

One thought on “Lana Del Rey, Scheduled As Musical Guest On SNL

  1. tHIS Chick got booed off @ the talent show @ my middle school and then came to my college this year to play and I told her I knew who she was, and she flashed me her chick filets.


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