HBO’s Money-Saving Mistake, ‘Hung’ And ‘Bored To Death’ Cancelled

HBO has given Thomas Jane and Jason Schwartzman the ax, so to speak. Their TV efforts, along with How to Make it in America, were cancelled by HBO in order to make room for upcoming shows. The only good news here is that they held onto Laura Dern’s fledgling series Enlightened, which was just nominated for several Golden Globes.

Hung, which had largely improved in quality in its third season compared to the second, averaged 3.9 million viewers, though that is half of what it received a year previous. Bored To Death, the cult classic whose humor was not for everyone, had suffered in its third season with a mere 240,000 people tuning in for the opener.

Bored To Death creator Jonathan Ames weighed in on the loss of his show, calling the time slot an issue. “HBO said they were pleased with the show, creatively, so I always had hope there was room in the budget for us. But Sunday night is their night. They don’t have a lot of room for their original programming on the schedule, and being on Monday nights was a problem. “

The creators of Hung were interviewed before discovering that their show had been cancelled and had many plans for season four saying that they left themselves with “a lot of strings to pick up,” which is an understatement. Ray’s ex-wife Jessica (Anne Heche) FINALLY discovered what he does for a living.

If only Weeds were on HBO. There’s a show that really wore out its welcome with seven seasons and one more on the way. At this point Mary-Louise Parker and her misbehaved children could be lined up by angry LSD-dealers in an execution-style shooting to a Josh Groban song. I wouldn’t flinch.

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