Different Location And Characters For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 2

Ryan Murphy, unlike Obama, has some brass balls. Ones that may be leading him into dangerous territory. The first season of American Horror Story, his third notable show after Nip/Tuck and Glee, basically jumped the shark but managed to re-captivate fans and wrap things together at the end, by killing everyone.

By the way, I want credit for predicting the season finale. Gold stars? Trophy? Something. Back to the point, creator Ryan Murphy revealed during a teleconference yesterday that the second season of AHS will be completely revamped, with a new location and characters.

Some of them will be coming back…There will be familiar faces, but there will also be new faces on the show.” But he also said that they’d be “playing completely different characters” and that every season “will be a new haunting” with a “new overriding theme.”

Get ready for a new creeptastic locale and new horde of talented celebrities…

I just hope Jessica Lange is still there, since she’s alive and not held down by the limitations of “murder house?” Plus her Golden Globe nod surely safeguards her from being cast off the show.

Ryan Murphy is heartless with his characters. Not only is he reconstructing season two of his FX show, but he’s replacing almost all the principle characters on Glee after they graduate.

What do you think?

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