The Real Headline Is That Bill Maher Types “U” Instead Of “You”

What right does Bill Maher have making fun of Tim Tebow or bible humpers when he is too lazy to spell out the word “you?” Okay, backstory: notorious liberal atheist Maher went on Twitter and made jokes about Jesus fucking over Tebow because he lost so badly (40-14) to the Bills.

I could care less about what fundamentalist windbags are against this week, it’s usually the opposite of interesting. When I heard this story and read the Tweets I was much more surprised and shocked by Bill Maher’s typing style. “Pls?” “u?” “re” instead of “read?”

I mean, the guy is fucking smart and over the age of 20 so I don’t get it. I thought this was either a generational thing or a stupidity thing, honestly the two go hand in hand but when a respected political commentator types like a 14 year-old who idolizes Snooki, that’s when you know the world is going to hell in a Ross handbag.
Fox News Repubs want him fired from HBO over this? Well I want him fired for having lazy fingers. But why am I complaining about this when I just typed “Repubs?” Because I’m not a public figure, for Christ’s literal sake.Jesus blessed Tim Tebow with Rambo muscles and the ability to spell, why couldn’t he keep Bill Maher from writing in BieberSpeak? See, this is why I don’t believe.

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