Kate Beckinsale For Harper’s Bazaar Russia

Kate Beckinsale may be the franchise face of Underworld but she’s also a face of fashion who can wear virtually anything. The sort of British mannequin in the same category as Victoria Beckham, only Kate’s an action star instead of an unconventional soccer mom.

I know these Underworld movies don’t mean much to the average joe, but in the nerd world they are a horrifyingly big deal. Underworld: Awakening seems to be about Selene’s efforts to stop a new breed of Lichen (werewolves) that are only slightly smaller than King Kong.

Beckinsale covered Russian Harper’s Bazaar for their January 2012 issue and told News.com earlier in December that she had no intentions to repeat the leather-clad vamp role.

“I wasn’t planning to play her again – I think it’s weird for an actor to play a part more than once, but Selene finds out she has a daughter, which was interesting to me, because she’s not the most maternal person.”

She also mentioned that she looks like a homeless andro man in the morning, “It takes a village. I tend to wake up looking like Steve Tyler, then somebody comes to help.”

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