New Killers Album In 2012, First In Four Years!

The first Killers album since 2008’s Day & Age is scheduled for 2012, Brandon Flowers has confirmed it. He says to expect a mix of the old and some new as well.

“I think the consensus within the band is to take those things that we’ve done well and really hone in on that, we don’t want to make Hot Fuss 2 or Sam’s Town 2, or Day & Age 2. We’ll maybe take all that stuff, the best of all of it and do what we know how to do.”

This is wonderful news for fans no matter what the album sounds like. A disappointing third Killers record not to mention the horribly crappy Brandon Flowers solo effort from 2010 had everyone wondering if the band was over.

The untitled CD may be far from finished but they have a few songs done, one that Flowers seems particular enthused about, called “Battle Born.” The due date is also unknown.

The mormon king of electric-rock vaguely told the BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe“It’s just whether it’s the summertime or the wintertime.” Yeah, or the fall or spring, smarty pants.

What do you think?

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