Papa John’s Worker Types Racist Slur On Customer’s Receipt

A Papa John’s location in New York fired one of their employees after catching wind of the name they gave an Asian customer, Minhee Cho, on her receipt.

She posted photographic evidence of the words “lady chinky eyes” on her Twitter, which caused an uproar of (mostly) outraged comments directed at Papa John’s.

Did the pizza cashier really think she wouldn’t notice or that there would be no repercussions? Were they really THAT bored? I mean besides being a racist idiot. I hate to think of what they’d have typed if she’d been black or hispanic?

Here’s one reason to be happy for websites like Twitter. You can’t get away with anything anymore. Some of the comments on this story are so strange though. Things like, ‘Papa John’s needs to fire the manager too’ and ‘how can they hire people like this?’
There just isn’t a checkbox on a job application for this kind of thing, and I hate to say it, but well-rounded and non-judgmental intellectuals don’t always work at fast food chains.

3 thoughts on “Papa John’s Worker Types Racist Slur On Customer’s Receipt

  1. There are two levels of ignorance at play here. First, there is racial ignorance; the cashier should know better than to make racist remarks about Asians, especially in such an obvious and public way. Then, there is pizza ignorance; why would anyone get pizza from Papa John’s? That’s just stupid.

    Thanks for liking my post, btw. Sweet blog.


    1. Your blog is extremely hilarious! I almost wouldn’t believe anyone asked those questions if I hadn’t once tried to help those poor sad souls and given up. I really should have tried interjecting Dharma and Greg references and dating advice about mom and dudes dating dudes.


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