Peter Travers Is An Ignoramus, Thinks ‘Haywire’ Is Better Than ‘Dragon Tattoo’

I never completely trusted Rolling Stone movie reviews but this time I’m angry that I don’t have a fireplace or hobo-style porch barrel for the simple purpose of LIGHTING THE LATEST ISSUE ON FIRE.

I haven’t seen Haywire, and while I’m sort of surprised that people are somehow intrigued by the idea of another movie with a female action star simply because this one (Gina Carano) is big in the MMA circuit, I would still watch it. There’s just absolutely no way that it’s somehow better than The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which is the message in the Bowie issue of RS where Peter Travers gave Haywire three and a half stars and called Carano “poetry in kickass motion.” 

Here’s the most irksome part of the review: “Lem Dobbs (The Limey Kafka) sparks his script with droll wit, but I wouldn’t bother much with the plot details.”

Really? The plot details don’t matter? Now I understand why Travers gave TGWTDT two and a half stars and said it was “gloriously rendered but too impersonal to leave a mark.”
He doesn’t like mystery, edgy complex stories and intriguing characters, plus only one car explodes in Dragon Tattoo! Let’s wait for Hayfire to be nominated for best film and actress.

…Oh wait, that will never happen because it’s not a work of art, it’s meant for entertainment and surely serves its purpose there.

It’s just that the chop, kick and jump of Mallory Kane could never compare to the hack, sodomize and solve of Lisbeth Salander.

6 thoughts on “Peter Travers Is An Ignoramus, Thinks ‘Haywire’ Is Better Than ‘Dragon Tattoo’

  1. It’s really sad that people like you can even use a keyboard to type words against Peter Travers and Rolling Stone; first of all, you should read first what he wrote about the ORIGINAL Millenium Trilogy, that has nothing to do with that crappy movie you’re talking about; second of all, if you had any idea of what cinema is, you should know that award nominations had nothing to do with the quality of a movie.

    I bet you aren’t older that what? 16?, 18? learn to read, to see, to WATCH, and then talk to, and about, the adults.


    1. Sorry to kill your Peter Travers boner but I’ve seen the Swedish and American versions and read the books and they’re all excellent. You know what isn’t as excellent? Haywire.


      1. I understand if you are so amazed by the books and Swedish movies, ’cause they worth it; and I agree with you about Haywire not being a piece of art, but I’m pretty sure American Dragon Tattoo isn’t either.

        If you compare a non pretencious movie like Haywire, that is intended to eat popcorn, with the sad little interpretation of Daniel Craig (killing Mikael Blomqvist characther), there’s no way to make Dragon Tattoo win. Be objective before passionate.


    2. I must say that your ramblings was pretty imature. The writer’s for this blog are very well spoken. I have enjoyed reading over the past 4 or 5 months daily here. I agree with the writer that Haywire, is entertaining but nothing comparted to TGWTDT. The American movie was great, obviouisly the original was great also, but they both can be great. Hater’s will always be there. You should really find what is bothering you twoboymom? Did you not get an extra helping of Turkey that one year? Did you have a kid at 15? Something is truly bothering you, I pitty you.


      1. The things Althea, so maturely, wrote, just made me understand why she likes this blog, and why someone with a little intellingence would think that awful remake could be even half as good as the original. Go ahead and trash about me: Turkey, the teenage pregnancy, just reflects what’s in your mind and why you defend trash…


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