Rihanna’s A Thug, Will Punch You If You Disagree

This post about Rihanna‘s new “Thug Life” knuckle tattoo doubles as one of those “stars with no makeup” thingies. She Tweeted the pic yesterday and it was followed by about 20 non-picture messages with mentions of the appropriately hashtagged “Thug Life.”

We all know Rihanna’s not a gangster, no matter how many guns and 2pac tattoos she gets plastered on her adorable baby giraffe body and no matter how many videos she makes in a netted soldier’s helmet singing “I’m so hard” in a non-sexual manner.

Just play along, it’s not hurting anybody. She went through a traumatic experience and doesn’t know how to properly deal with it because she’s 23 years-old. From what I gather the tat isn’t done yet, so let’s all just hope it’s a joke and move on.

Be forewarned, she’ll break your dishes and throw her rancid red wig at you.
The Barbado faction of the Bloods are proud. I just hope when she settles down and decides to become a #THUGWIFE that it isn’t with Chris Brown.

What do you think?

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