Costa Concordia Disaster Gift To Survivors: 30% Off Next Cruise

The owners of the cruise ship Costa Concordia, which crashed into a rock off the coast of Italy, capsized  and claimed the lives of at least 12 people, have decided to offer survivors a special deal.

Not only will their ticket price be fully refunded but they will receive thirty percent off the price of their next cruise!

The hope is to “stave of lawsuits” which would likely cost the company (Costa Crociere) thousands of dollars. 

Let me get this straight, the ship’s captain hopped off the ship over four hours before many of the 3,229 passengers had a chance to.

…And the only “I’m sorry” they get for their vacation being ruined plus nearly dying, is a discount on ANOTHER boat ride??!

I love how he says that there were no environmental impacts. Yes, I’m sure the ocean was not affected at all by that giant ship full of oil and food and plastic sinking into its depths.

What do you think?

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