Meet Anna Watson, The World’s Strongest Cheerleader

When I think of cheerleaders Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On comes to mind. To be honest the image in my head might be even more cliche – the girls at my high school, now pregnant homemakers, with their popularity and below-average pep rally dance routines. (#Jealously)

Now that I know more about life, and sports, I realize that cheerleading is not a joke to everyone, particularly those in the profession. It’s a hard job, sports mixed with modeling, essentially. A job based on not only aesthetics but a certain athletic ability.

Anna Watson, a cheerleader for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team, knows all about the correspondence between modeling and cheerleading.

She was reportedly offered a substantial ($75,000) offer from Elite Model Management to serve as a fitness model. Her reasons for turning it down are both religious and health-related, “I don’t serve a modeling agent. I serve the Lord,” she told UGA’s newspaper, The Red and Black,

“I’m not going to compromise my morals and my beliefs just to take pictures. I believe that my body is a temple and a beautiful creation, so  I don’t want to put anything into it that can harm it.”

Watson, who is being called “the world’s strongest cheerleader” could, at her most menacing, squat 255 lbs, dead lift 230, curl 35 in each hand and bench press 155 pounds.

After an agent suggested she use a legal steroid to gain muscle mass she began to reassess her lifestyle. (She was spending nearly two hours in the gym and eating 3,000 calories daily)

“I was stuck in this regiment and it was almost oppressive and it was like I was trapped. So being able to realize that working out is not my purpose in life really was able to set me free.”

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