Michelle Obama Brings Guns To Ellen

My breath isn’t exactly taken away when I find out that Michelle Obama can do more push-ups than Ellen DeGeneres but I am continuously surprised at how amazing she is in general.

The more her husband disappoints me, the more impressed I become with her. Maybe it’s just because she’s so down-to-earth, and hip! At nearly 50 years-old, Mrs. Barack is in better shape than I, at 26.

On a taping set for Thursday she dropped by Ellen’s show and was challenged to a contest of strength. Both women did about 20 push-ups but Michelle O did five more than Ellen and was barely winded.

This isn’t even the only time the first lady has busted out her bullet-free guns. Last year, on a visit to South Africa, Michelle did them alongside former Archbishop Desmond Tutu 

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Brings Guns To Ellen

  1. It is true President Obama, is a lot more articulate then any President since Bill Clinton. Obviously
    President Bush, put this country in very bad shape. But President Obama, has made a lot of
    promises that he has not followed through with. He seems to want to have people in both party’s
    approval instead of taking a stand on his promises of “CHANGE”. I can see where he doesn’t effect
    your daily life and just listening to him speak where you would think he was a great President.
    Unfortunately reality will show him as a gutless leader who would not put his balls on the line.


  2. I don’t want to drop a bomb of a statement here, but why exactly is Michelle’s husband such a disappointment to the US? Admittedly, I follow US politics only from a very distant viewpoint so forgive me if I have missed a trick.

    Everyone I know in England admires Obama. Authoratitive, strong and articulate. Any change the man has attempted to make has been blocked by Republicans in the Senate. His fault?

    I sense my comment is about to get trashed.


    1. He’s a much much better president than Bush (not hard to do) and he is admired as a person and for his family values and charismatic personality but as a leader of this country he is a disappointment. He really hasn’t “done” anything for us, after promising so much change.


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