David Letterman Loves Lana Del Rey

David Letterman and Paul Schafer are among the few supporters of Ms. Lana Del Rey, whose SNL performance was panned and album received two stars from Rolling Stone and was plainly called “really bad” by Stereogum.

She visited The Late Show on Thursday, February 2nd and sang a less pitchydawg version of “Video Games,” the kind that originally earned her positive attention before her nervous Saturday Night Live disaster.

Letterman and Shafer both complimented her, saying “Wow that was beautiful,” “Great to meet you” and other repetitive forms of praise. Maybe they went a little overboard, but it was only to make up for assholes like Brian Williams not to mention hoards of indie music snobs. 

I suggest that any supporters (or non-supporters) of Lana read the Spin article “Deconstructing Lana Del Rey” which is very informative and full of reasons to like her, plus a detailed explanation of why she wasn’t “created” by the industry.

[Liz Phair on Lana Del Rey“I would argue that the uncomfortable feelings she elicits are simply the by-product of watching a woman wanting and taking like a man.”]

What do you think?

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