Yes, Drake’s ‘Practice’ Video Is Real

There are times when I’m surfing YouTube and I accidentally click on links that aren’t what I thought they’d be. These fraudulent videos are the result of some guitar playing singer who used a dollar store webcam to film themselves singing Tegan & Sara covers.

When they aren’t bad covers they’re inaudible clips of  people speaking their mind or dancing in a general attention-seeking manner.

The new Drake video for “Practice” reminds me of that. It simply does not seem real, so much so that I was it wasn’t until I saw it on the Cash Money channel. 

It’s four minutes of biggest-butt-the-world-nominee Kyra Chaos taking of her shirt and wobbling around like a newborn zebra.

Drake’s official (horribly put together) website states, “The video features a video vixen Kyra shaking her booty in her bedroom. Drake later in the video enters the room and the lights dim out.”

One Twitter fan wrote “i dont think i can ever get bored of that @kyrachaos practice video!!” I was about to say that I can’t imagine this being interesting to anyone but what was I thinking? It’s four minutes of ass shaking. Of course it’s popular. 

Drake’s team is encouraging fans to submit their own, “I can tell that you been practicing/all those other men were practice, they were practice/yeah, for me.”

[Are him, Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj in a grossest lyrics contest that I’m not aware of?]

What do you think?

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