Behold! The Sheep-Herding Rabbit

A Swedish rabbit named Champis is drawing a lot of attention to him and his owner for his sheep-herding talents.

Skills that he learned from watching his canine brother.

Champis’s owners, Greta and Nils-Erik Vigren are thrilled and surprised at his gift and success.

The video of him aggressively herding to the song “Run Rabbit Run” by Flanagan and Allen is, like the majority of talented/baby animal videos, a big hit. 

It was shot last June by their friend who happens to be a dog trainer, he says, “I work with sheepdogs and know how hard this is. There are very few dogs that could do what this rabbit does.”

Greta Vigren mentioned that Champis is only interested in herding sheep and completely avoids acting this way with the chickens.

[“Run Rabbit Run” is a children’s nursery rhyme that was originally aimed at the German air force. Lyrics include “It’s rabbit pie day” and “Bang! Bang! Goes the farmer’s gun.”]

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