Baby Photo Alert – Blue Ivy Not-So-Hard-Knock-Life Carter

The royal R&B baby reveal day is finally here, after, well, not that long. On a Tumblr page dedicated specifically to their daughter, Beyonce and Jay-Z wrote the message,

“We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.”

So far, they’ve posted five pictures. Two of the baby with its thick quaife of Indian emo hair, one of its hand and one with each parent, both smiling.

Perhaps they know they just birthed a double diva baby, whose name they just filed to trademark, mostly to avoid other greedy bastards from capitalizing on the “Blue Ivy Carter” moniker. (Two applicants already attempted but were rightfully rejected)

After they gain the rights to the name, which they surely will, they can become even more rich and pay for their daughter to go to what…a school like Harvard, which is often called an ____ league school. Bad pun, sorry.

[Speaking of Beyonce, be sure to listen to the Chairlift/Das Racist cover of “Party” which just dropped]

What do you think?

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