Vanessa Hudgens, Method Actor?

The three edgiest acting gigs Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame has had are as follows…As Zac Efron’s beard, “Blondie” in Suckerpunch and #3, tricking people into thinking Mila Kunis had nude pics.

The edgiest thing she’s done as of now, involves staying at a homeless shelter for two weeks and cutting her own hair for a role in the streetrat pregnancy drama Gimme Shelter.

The movie, which co-stars Rosario Dawson as Vanessa’s junkie mother, shot last year. Hudgens revealed on Friday to Rachael Ray that she got downer and dirtier than usual to get into character.

“My character ends up at this pregnant, homeless teen shelter that’s in New Jersey. I actually went and stayed in a shelter for two weeks before I started filming, I lived there with all the girls, with all the kids. I actually cut my own hair for this movie.”

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