Kate Moss’s Take On Demon Possession

Tis the season of demon possession, which is alright with me because it means that Kate Moss and W Magazine are going all sacrilegious and demonic for their March 2012 split cover issue.

W editor Stefano Tonchi explained the concept of the light/dark covers as a classic “dichotomy between ‘good girls’ and ‘bad girls.'” The covers were shot by Steven Klein and show the 5’7″ supermodel in white Vera Wang and dark lace.

The funny thing about people being “outraged” or “scared” over this is that it reminds me of Jennifer’s Body. This shoot is hardly comedic but that movie was, and how could anyone be afraid of Megan Fox or Kate Moss?

It’s like, they’re standing in your living room covered in blood and crucifixes and you just want to hand them a plate of sugar cookies and go “oh honey, you’re far too pretty to scare me.”

I guess some bigwig from the Culture and Media Institute told Radar Online that “Everything W has done here, from making the issue the ‘Fashion Bible’ to having Moss hold a crucifix provocatively between her legs, is designed to provoke controversy and mock religion.”

And it all worked out, because the people who don’t matter are offended and the people who know better are intrigued by the mild creativity and fact that it is merely pleasing to the eye.

P.S. Does anyone know any good “Red Swan” jokes? I can’t think of a single one.

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