Glee’s Whitney Houston Coincidence And Chaka Khan’s Unfiltered Memory

Chances are you’re sick of Whitney Houston coverage, hear me out though, not because you don’t love her and her legacy but because people go overboard analyzing and picking apart the situation.

Half of what you see is love and respect and the other half is the media capitalizing on that, which tends to negate everything. My favorite interview so far was Piers Morgan’s sit down with Chaka Khan especially when she mentioned the insanity (and stupidity) of the Clive Davis party.

I loved her honesty, even though the ‘fond’ memory she cited was very bizarre…

There was one time, me and her and Bobby were all together in a hotel, it was actually in Florida as well. And we were up there getting high together. Talking crazy and having a really, really, really good laughing, and a really, really good time.”

My other favorite Whitney related thing was last night’s Valentine’s episode of Glee where Mercedes (Amber Riley) sang “I Will Always Love You” which wasn’t included because of Houston’s death. 

The song was already scheduled and filmed for the show beforehand. The only thing they added was a dedication at the end that said “Whitney Houston 1963-2012. We will always love you.” 

3 thoughts on “Glee’s Whitney Houston Coincidence And Chaka Khan’s Unfiltered Memory

  1. RIP WH Queen of soul, rest in peace and don’t ever be troubled about anything ever said bout you, you ar free and sure did just what you were suppose to do here in this world. We shall always remember you and wish you well:(


  2. Even being your typical Deomographic viewer of Glee, Gay white male from the more higher middle class. I have my doubts that this wasn’t done between her death and Tuesdays show.


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