Kim Kardashian is already talking about her next marriage in the latest issue of Allure, even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend that we know of and just announced her divorce a few months ago.

Though she does say she’s “not ready” for another relationship she mentions that her next wedding will be, in the non-words of Mary J. Blige, a less public affair.

“I would just want it to be so special, with our family and close friends, and that’s it. Somewhere on a deserted island, very private…No cameras.”

So, angry Kardashians/blockhead Jenners ONLY? No press and no gingy paint-drinkingAndre-The-Giant-lookin’ mofos?

Other things I learned from this interview:

#1. She does not believe that there are any more “haters” than before. #2. The Humphries debacle made her want to become more “guarded/cautious/private.”

#3. Khloe jokingly (or seriously) asked Kim to be her surrogate. #4. People watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians because they wish they had sisters.

What do you think?

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