Lil’ Kim Called Nicki Minaj A Dumb Hoe

On Wednesday Lil’ Kim went onto the Bravo show What Happens Live and, on the segment “Plead The Fifth,” and pretty much said that any title of a song is a literal representation of the artist behind it.

Or, to give her less credit, she just (still) really hates Nicki Minaj“I’m pretty sure I feel the same way everybody else feels right about now. If you have to make a song called ‘Stupid Hoe,’ you must be a stupid hoe.”

She also made a “Fire Marshall Bill” face (In Living Color reference) that represented Nicki’s signature snarl, and of course, acted like she didn’t see or hear about the Grammys because she’s as relevant as the Gone Country cast.

Elsewhere, Lil’ Kim herself must be confused that she’s trending for being on the cover of Time Magazine. (Really it’s Kim Jong Un) 

Random fact: Lil’ Kim’s Black Friday mixtape took several shots at Nicki Minaj, once with the sample-diss “Pissin’ On ‘Em.” Lyric:

“Same bitches throwin’ shots, but tryna be her, I guess it’s all politics, Condoleezza. I’m the first lady, her majesty rap’s royalty bitch, now you work for me.”

…Girrl, you wish Nicki Minaj worked for you. Then maybe you’d have better rhymes and less plastic surgery?

One thought on “Lil’ Kim Called Nicki Minaj A Dumb Hoe

  1. lil kim is the first badd bitch nicki minaj needs to fall back in jus keep on lettin lil wayne writt her songs for her nicki minaj is a SRTUPID HOE in she makes me sick nothing on her is real from top to bottom she aint shit lil kim run this way befor the lil so called BARBIE came out soo.. fall bac you fake barbie doll


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