A New Degrassi Season Is Just Around The Corner!

Don’t even think about questioning me for watching Degrassi. I love teen dramas as much as the next lady and there are NONE on American television except, what, 9021, the college-age kids of Gossip Girl? No.

I want something with a semblance to the original Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C. or early Degrassi: The Next Generation seasons. All that’s left is a gutted version of that and lemme tell you, IT’LL DO.

It’s the same formula and it generally works, if only the acting wasn’t so damn bad now. Only Charlotte Arnold (Holly J) Annie Clark (Fiona) Chloe Rose (Katie Matlin) and original Degrassi Junior High cast member and now-principle Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson) are tolerable.

I just keep watching! I can’t stop. Until this show gets cancelled and likely returns in some other Yan Moore and Linda Scuyler created format I will continue visiting the MuchMusic website for streaming episodes desperately ashamed of the fact that I wish I had TeenNick. 

[Despite what the video says the second part of season 11 begins today! Monday, February 20. Let’s hope Drew, Wesley, Clare, Eli and Adam’s storylines all improve]

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