Maya Rudolph Spoofs Beyonce In Blue Ivy Carter Skit

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live was a highlight of the season and perhaps the past three years as well. I’d rank it right up there with the Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga episode.

One memorable moment (of many) was the Beyonce baby skit, which was an excuse not only for Jay Pharoah to do his Jay-Z impression and for Maya Rudolph to reprise her role as Beyonce but for a bevvy of “celebrities” to congratulate them.

Justin Timberlake came out as Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon saying “Sorry I’m late, whatever…I fashioned this guitar out of a canoe” and singing something indiscernible about a ferris wheel.

Abby Elliott popped out in her Angelina Jolie seductress dress and couldn’t resist an infant thievery attempt. (“I felt the presence of a new baby in the world and I had to come see her.”)

Count Fred Armisen as Prince (“Prance” in B lingo) Taylor Swift (speechless Kristen Wiig) LL Cool J (Kenan Thompson in a “formal” kangol) and Nasim Pedrad as Nicki freaking Minaj in!

Watch the video HERE.
 [Best line: “And then the baby came out and I was like…did I have a boyyyy..and he said no, you had a single lady.”]

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