Two Balls In One Hole Wins 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Oh maturity, you’re no friend of mine. NBA All-Star weekend wrapped up on Saturday. Oregon-grown Kevin Love of the Timberwolves won the three point contest against Kevin Durant but of course the real showstopper was the dunk competition.

No big names this year. Dwight Howard, Lebron and Blake Griffin, who won last year, were all absent. Instead it was Utah’s 24 year-old forward, Jeremy Evans who got the fan’s votes.

“I felt like the first dunk I did was horrible, people didn’t really know who I was before this, but after tonight, hopefully they know my name” said Evans.

His first dunk was in fact, pitiful, something you’d see during the season, but with a tiny camera strapped to his head so viewers could ‘see what he sees.’ The second was the true winner, where Evans slammed two balls at once over his teammate, Gordon Hayward.

In the final round he wore a Malone jersey and catapulted over comedian Kevin Hart, which isn’t terribly impressive since Hart is 5’2.”

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