My vision isn’t all that good to begin with, making barely discernible things even harder to spot. Usually I’m the only one inappropriately yelling about nip slips (surrounded by family) during awards shows or televised concerts.

After Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony I realized it wasn’t just me who thought they saw J-Lo’s side areola while onstage with Cameron Diaz.

No matter how I peer at it through my old man magnifying glass I just can’t tell if there’s anything there or not. From far away there does seem to be a larger shadow on the right side? 

Besides Jennifer accidentally dispensing her pez, Angelina Jolie made a splash when she repeatedly acted like viewers were supposed to guess the cost of her leg, Price Is Right style.

Jolie’s serious leg-exposing behavior caused Best Adapted Screenplay/Moby look-alike Jim Rash to imitate her onstage AND jokesters on Twitter to launch an account in her honor. It has nearly 24,000 followers.

[Click HERE for E!’s best photoshopped Leg, Interrupted pictures. Earlier I saw one of it stepping on Mufasa’s head right before he plummets to his death but sadly I cannot find it on the internet]

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