A Siri I Can Get On Board With…

In a new video, New York film student Matt Binder decided to channel his hatred for the Apple iPhone 4S commercial with the jerky teenage slavemaster who demands to be addressed as “rock god.”

The fixed version of the video features an unbridled Siri telling him to get a haircut, suggesting that Baha Men are suited to his tastes and saying, “Fuck you. Your band sucks. OK?”

I reached out to Binder for more info and he told me, “As a fan of Apple products, it was shocking to see such a commercial come from them. The kid is trying to learn guitar in the beginning of the commercial, plays to a few friends in a garage, and asks to be called ‘Rock God’ in all of 30 seconds.”

“He comes across as those annoying ‘generic rocker’ kids from high school…He’s that kid who came to school trying too hard to be ‘rock and roll,’ He listened to all the radio rock bands yet still thought he was different from the ‘mainstream’. As you can tell, I pretty much hate the original commercial.”  

ME TOO. God, that kid and the Apple employees behind it deserve a long hard kick in the rear. It’s really too bad that Obama banned waterboarding.

[Follow Matt Binder on Twitter, for gems like “So many memorable lines from The Artist. Glad it won” and “The Iron Lady would have been a better movie if it was about an old woman who got wrinkles out of clothing. #oscars.”

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