Taylor Swift Looks Underage Without Makeup

Taylor Swift floated through LAX early yesterday morning looking like a J-Crew kids model with not a stitch of makeup on.

I love that she’s the one rail-thin celebrity who doesn’t have eating disorder comments thrown her way. Blame it on youth and great genetics.

What is that she’s carrying, a keyboard? The clarity of her skin makes me think it’s a min-coffin full of age-defying cream, lotion and green tea face masks.

Oh, and maybe a jar of souls, you know, because everyone has secrets. 

If only her relationship status was as simple as her morning regime. She must really not be dating Zac Efron, cause it really doesn’t seem like the type of thing many women would be all hush hush about.

Acting as his beard on the other hand…

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Looks Underage Without Makeup

  1. I love Taylor because she’s a beautiful young lady that’s not afraid to be herself in a respectful manner………:)


    1. I never cared for her as I have always said Nature is Beautiful and I always saw her plastered with make-up Nature means Natural. Who wants to kiss a girl and get slimmy make-up all over themselves. I’d bet many guys would run from her in the morning, seeing her with out make-up. I’d run to her. If I weren’t old enough to be her Father that is.


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