Errryone Ready For Lindsanity On SNL?

If Lindsay Lohan’s career was a relationship and the time she spent NOT Making movies was the breakup, then, according to Sex In The City‘s theory the public should have gotten over her in the middle of 2008.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) she had scandals to keep her afloat. If we’re still comparing this Lindsanity thing to a relationship then that’s like stalking. She’s stalking us with drugs, Kombucha and orange jumpsuits! 

Every other year she does a single noteworthy thing that doesn’t involve a jail or hospital sentence, in 2010 it was Machete. This year it’s Saturday Night Live. 

The promos for the show, were just released, making American even more excited for her to either fail or make them laugh. Watch her stand next to Kenan Thompson while she says things like:

“I never left the show, I’ve been living in the studio…back to the air ducts.” And him, “It’s unfortunate that everyone’s paying so little attention to you over the last few years.” 

Hohan/Han Lolo was also on Jimmy Fallon in an optical illusion dress, for a rare television appearance where she played Pictionary with a man who seemed very uncomfortable with her lack of Pole Vaulting knowledge.

One thought on “Errryone Ready For Lindsanity On SNL?

  1. I didn’t see the SNL episode of Lindsay hosting the show. She says she is back and ready to work. Lohan however has burned so many bridges I am not sure how many opportunities would be made available to her. I think I actually bumped into her when I used to live in Santa Monica. I’m not kidding. She was not in jail. She was sober. It was in the middle of the day. And she actually looked okay. But that was years ago. She may have started her career too young and was unable to adapt to all of the media attention. SNL is at least a step to something.


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