Video: Dev – “Take Her From You”

“Like A G6” and “In The Dark” singer Dev’s got a body in a bag, Audition style. Watch as she colorlessly drags it all over town. She’s pregnant in real life so I guess it’s a nice workout.

Walking around, driving, looking at the camera through heavily-lined eyes. Very relaxing. For anyone else, it’s a little scary and a good concept, but poorly delivered.

I say over who/It’s gonna be over my dead body/The day she finds someone new/You’ve got to give me that girl/Or I will take her from you.

2 thoughts on “Video: Dev – “Take Her From You”

  1. It’s a song about obsessive love, I get that. The video went dark. Now while the black-and-white facilitated the dark mood I just thought some of the gimmicks were off. She’s dragging a body in a body bag. In today’s society someone would have taken better iPhone out and snapped a few shots. That would have at least made it more real. Then dumping her body bag on the sidewalk like that, nah. Stealing the car was fine. But where does she get the shovel? She went to the convenience store, not Ace Hardware. The song and the video were both, eh.


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