Safe For Work But Nonetheless Topless Rihanna

Twitter has long been a place of accidental and on-purpose nudity, Tori Spelling, Adrianne Curry, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ice-T’s Coco are all guilty of it.

Rihanna, one of the the most fan-involved pop artists of the Twitter generation, is no exception.

Her previous album, Loud, had no less than six chart-topping singles and it’s clear that Talk That Talk will fare no differently. She is now on her third TTT music video, the upcoming “Where Have You Been,” which samples Geoff Mack/Lucky Star/Hank Snow/Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere.”

On Wednesday she began shooting, and Tweeted this topless photo of her holding what looks like a blond wig on a stick. (Weird because hair on a stick that just happens to be my favorite thing to order at baseball games) 

Filming ended on Friday. She wrote, “And thatssss a WRAP!!!!!!!!!!! #WHEREhaveUbeenVIDEO…BIG UPS to the ILLEST film crew!!! Thank U dancers, Glam team, @HiHatprod, @ciarrap Dave Meyers, and Def Jam 4 the overtime, lol! #WHYB” 

One thought on “Safe For Work But Nonetheless Topless Rihanna

  1. Sex sells records. I don’t know who was the first one who decided to take their clothes off, but sex sells. Rhianna has a body that people want to look out. I think she could do use of different prop.


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