There’s An Anne Frank Waxwork, In Berlin

Madame Tussauds wax museums are famous for historical figures and celebrities alike, everyone from Einstein to Susan Boyle to Spiderman and Anne Frank?

The Berlin branch, where the figure currently resides, used to borrow one from the Amsterdam location but now has their own exhibit of the famous teenager who penned The Diary Of A Young Girl in the 1940s.

I don’t find much wrong with a wax Anne Frank because I have a kind of distorted view. I mean, I don’t like wax museums. The movie House Of Wax pretty much sums it up. 

People who want to go to more than one of these establishments in their life have severe mental problems to begin with. The only thing that seems out of the ordinary about this is the gigantic smile on Anne’s face.

I’m sure there were plenty of nice moments, between hiding in an attic and trying not to be discovered by murderous Nazis, but perhaps Madame
Tussaud honchos should avoid making it look like this was a fun time.

I think it might be especially confusing for children. What are their parents going to say?

“Oh that’s Anne Frank, she was a nice young girl who liked to write and stay inside?” 

As long as people are informed, and not making light of the situation (and may I do just that for one second and say that that looks a lot like Daniel Radcliffe in a wig) then it’s just fine.

3 thoughts on “There’s An Anne Frank Waxwork, In Berlin

  1. There is a wax museum out in Arlington, Texas. I think we went only one time when we passed by just out of curiosity. There is something really creepy about seeing some celebrity or famous person life-size but not a mannequin. I understand they’re trying to capture a bit of history through a unique form of sculpture. I say just hire an artist and painter portrait of the girl. I would much rather portraits of famous people than full life-size wax whatever you call them.


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